Improving History Education in Michigan

Michigan Council for History Education
(4-1-96 and as revised on 5-21-05)

Article I. Name

This association shall be known as the Michigan Council for History Education and is incorporated under the laws of the state of Michigan.

Article II. Statement of Purpose

The Michigan Council for History Education is organized and maintained to:

  1. Advocate and advance the study and teaching of History in schools throughout the state;
  2. Encourage and support the development and implementation of meaningful and effective History curriculum an instruction;
  3. Provide a program of professional activities for History educators and students;
  4. Provide for educational and professional interaction among History educators.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Active Members

Active membership in the MCHE is offered to all those who are committed to the state purposes of the organization. Active members are required to pay regular membership dues, and are eligible for all privileges of such membership, including the right to vote and hold office.

Section 2. Dues

The Board of Directors will determine the annual membership dues. Dues are effective from the Annual Conference in October expiring with the next Annual Conference.

Article IV. Administration

Section 1. The Board of Directors

  1. The governance of the MCHE shall rest with the Board of Directors.
  2. The Board of Directors shall consist of:
    1. Up to Sixteen members appointed by the Board of Directors and approved by the active membership in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.
    2. Four elected officers of the Council (President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer).
    3. The Immediate Past-President of the Council.
    4. The Executive Director, who shall be appointed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors for a term of two years and is eligible for reappointment.
    5. The Conference Registrar, appointed by the Board of Directors.
  3. Active members shall vote for not more than 16 candidates.
  4. Each Director shall be elected to a two-year term and is eligible to be a candidate for re-election.
  5. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing all MCHE policies, and shall delegate to the Executive Committee responsibility for implementing all delineated policies, directives, and/or programs.

Section 2. The Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the five officers of the MCHE (President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, the Immediate Past-President) and the Executive Director.
    1. Each year, the MCHE membership shall elect a President-elect.
      1. Upon completion of a one-year term in that office, the individual shall become President of the Council for one year
      2. After a one-year term as president, the individual shall assume the role of Immediate Past-President for one additional year.
    2. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected to two (2) year terms in alternate years.
  2. Officers on the Executive Committee shall sit as voting members of the Board of Directors.
  3. The officers of MCHE shall be responsible for carrying out the following duties:
    1. The President shall:
      1. call all scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and the general membership;
      2. chair all Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and General Membership meetings;
      3. establish and recommend to the Board of Directors by September 30th of each year, a yearly calendar of Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and general membership meetings;
      4. report activities of the organization to the general membership.
    2. The President-elect shall:
      1. chair all Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and general membership meetings in the absence of the President;
      2. assume additional specific duties and/or responsibilities duly designated and assigned by the President, Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors.
    3. The Secretary shall:
      1. record and appropriately distribute minutes of all Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and general membership meetings of the MCHE.
      2. handle all correspondence necessary to the purpose and functions of the MCHE, including notifications for all meetings.
    4. The Treasurer shall:
      1. develop the annual MCHE budget;
      2. collect and bank all MCHE monies, including dues payments;
      3. disburse, with the approval of the Board of Directors, all monies necessary to the efficient and effective functioning of the MCHE;
      4. maintain all financial records of the MCHE
      5. file all tax forms with the appropriate State and/or Federal agencies
      6. file periodic Treasurer’s reports with the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and the general membership of the MCHE.
    5. The Immediate Past-President shall:
      1. chair the Nominating Committee of the MCHE
    6. The Executive Director shall:
      1. keep and preserve all official records of the MCHE, including the minutes of the meetings and revisions of the By-laws as part of and archival file;
      2. assist in the preparation of an annual budget;
      3. be empowered to sign checks;
      4. perform such duties and have such powers as are provided in these By-Laws or as directed by the President and/or Executive Board.
    7. The Conference Registrar shall:
      1. Collect all registration forms for the Annual Conference, maintain records and pass collected funds on to the Treasurer;
      2. Keep the Executive Director and Board of Directors advised of the number of registrants;
      3. Other duties directed by the Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Section 3: Elections

  1. The MCHE President shall appoint a Nominating Committee from among the Board of Directors during the Winter Meeting of each year.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall file its report, offering its recommendations to the Board of Directors by the Spring Meeting for officers;
  3. Only active members shall vote and/or hold office in MCHE, each member casting his/her vote by mail;
    1. Ballots must be mailed to be in the hands of active members before May 31st of each election year;
    2. Ballots must be returned for tally to the designated member of the Board of Directors by not later than June 15th
  4. All officers and Directors shall assume office during the Summer Meeting.

Article V: Dissolution

If the Michigan Council for History Education shall be dissolved as an organization at any time in the future, all monies left in the treasury will be donated to the National Council for History Education, Inc., 26915 Westwood Rd., Suite B-2, Westlake, OH 44145-4656.

Article VI: Amendments

Section 1. Proposal

Any member of the MCHE may submit a proposed amendment to the Constitution. The proposal must be endorsed by the signature of twenty active members of the MCHE, and shall be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing.

Section 2. Submission to the Membership

The Administrative Board shall discuss all proposed amendments to the Constitution, and then present its recommendations, and a copy of the proposed amendment to the active members.

Section 3. Vote

The Constitution shall be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of those voting.

Article VII: Ratification

The constitution shall be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the active members voting on the document.

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