McConnell Award

Michigan Council of History Education announces the Annette and Jim McConnell History Educator Award for Excellence in Teaching History

To recognize excellence in teaching history in the state of Michigan, the Michigan Council for History Education (MCHE) presents the Annette and Jim McConnell History Educator Award – named for MCHE founders – annually to six Michigan history teachers.

  • Awards: $100 cash awards and free memberships in MCHE and NCHE for one elementary and one secondary school teachers and one preservice teacher.
  • Deadline: May 1
  • Presentation: Awards presented during MCHE annual conference in the fall of each year.
  • Special Session: Honorees will have the opportunity to present a favorite history lesson at MCHE conference.
  • Application Materials: Application materials should demonstrate the teacher’s commitment to providing quality history education for her/his students. Application materials must include:
    • Nominating Letter from a colleague or administrator. Letters should address the candidate’s ability to initiate projects that engage students in authentic history learning and practice, whose teaching is innovative and creative, and effectively uses Michigan’s history standards, benchmarks and history themes.
    • History Lesson Plan consisting of a student-centered lesson, connected to the Michigan Standards & Benchmarks, and history themes. The lesson plan must: be original, connect to standards, use history themes & examples, engage students in active learning, include an assessment. Please include a paper version of the lesson and have an electronic version of lesson available upon request (RTF).
    • Resume or Vita, with cover letter with name, address, phone & email.
      • Supporting letters from administrator, supervisor and/or students.
      • Student work samples from the lesson.
  • Full and Complete Applications must be postmarked or emailed by May 1 & sent to:
Scott Durham

1245 W. Grand River 11A

East Lansing, MI 48823