United States Senate Youth Program



United States Senate Youth Program 


Please read all instructions carefully as your school’s implementation of this program is very important for all qualified students wishing to apply. 

1. The 2019 USSYP Application process consists of this page plus the following: 

Attachment B – Student Application 

2. Have all interested, qualified students complete the Student Application and make sure they sign the Student Affirmation. Have them return their signed application to your school office as soon as possible for the principal to sign the School Authorization section also. 

3. All finalists will be given a qualifying essay to scheduled and completed on the required time and date. The Qualifying Essay must be proctored by an official administrator, counselor, or teacher of record. 

4. Once all signed USSYP forms are completed, have your school mail them to the following address by Monday, October 1, 2018. Packets arriving after that date will not be accepted. 

Tamara Shreiner, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor History, Social Studies Education Grand Valley State University D-1-214 Mackinac Hall 

1 Campus Drive Allendale, MI 49401 

Office: (616) 331-8568 shreinet@gvsu.edu 

Dr. Shreiner, in collaboration with The Michigan Council for History Education will review the student application, experience, and qualifying essay for all applicants.