Who is a member of MCHE?

You are! Or at least you should be. The MCHE is an organization that is comprised of historians, professors of history education, history teachers, and pre-service teachers desiring to be the best history teacher possible. We desire to take a stand in the realm of education that promotes teaching and learning of history in ways that promote literacy and authentic historical investigation.

What does membership offer?

Membership provides content offered by the MCHE. Such content includes, but is not limited to, on-demand video coverage of MCHE workshops, exclusive lectures delivered at the MCHE-sponsored Annual Great Lakes History Conference, reduced registration fees at the Annual Conference, and more. We pride ourselves in curating content that is relevant, meaningful, and useful for educators now.

Additionally, membership provides:

  • receive two newsletters: History Matters! & Ends & Beginnings
  • enjoy Conference discounts; attend special programs and get info on creative opportunities
  • be able to share your interests with other who value history and are working to promote the past and its importance for the future
  • get the latest updates on curriculum, standards and assessment

Annually, the MCHE is a co-host of the Great Lakes History Conference. Members receive an insider profile into the sessions offered and with Keynote speakers in attendance.

All this is for free. There is no cost to membership in MCHE. Members who wish to also acquire membership in the National Council for History Education are required to pay $20.00 for the benefits of that organization. See NCHE website for details (

If you are willing to become a Contributor: We also seek a “super-member” who not only consumes material and opportunities provided by the MCHE, but also is a producer by writing posts exclusive for MCHE and authoring content for lessons and workshops. This member also enjoys the benefits of other members. Contributors are invited to such status directly from the MCHE Board of Directors.

How do I become a member?

Simply visit the Register page, letting us know some necessary information (we promise to keep it secure) and if you desire to also become a member of the NCHE. If you select the NCHE membership option, you’ll receive a bill for $20.00 that can be mailed to our treasurer.

Be sure to check your junk/spam of your email inbox in case you do not receive a confirmation email from