The Michigan Council for History Education currently has two offerings of newsletter: MCHE E-Notes and Ends & Beginnings.

MCHE E-Notes

The MCHE E-Notes is a monthly publication that is authored and edited by Jim McConnell. This newsletter consists of timely events and issues pertaining to History and Education and History Education. For the past several years, many MCHE members have received E-Notes updates sent via email on items of possible interest. As of Summer 2013, we are working on updating the format by which members/subscribers receive this email, but at present it is in PDF format. If you are not currently receiving MCHE E-Notes and would like to, please send an email to stating your interest in being added to this group.

Ends and Beginnings

Ends & Beginnings is a quarterly report on the organization’s activities, members, and interests. From its 1993/1994 founding, MCHE has published this quarterly newsletter, which gets its name from a line taken from Robert Frost’s poem “In the Home Stretch.” The publication also features articles on resources and events of interest to history educators. Like the E-Notes, we are working on different format for delivery and distribution for Ends & Beginnings but members can continue to receive it as it has always been distributed. For more on how to subscribe to this publication, see the Membership Page.

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