Bill of Rights Day

Just for Fun! Bill of Rights Day Quiz

1. On what date (month, day & year) was the Bill of Rights ratified? ______________________________________________

2. Very briefly, (9 words or less) what is the Bill of Rights? ______________________________________________

3.  Who was the key author of the Bill of Rights?_______________________

4.  What are the 5 basic freedoms cited in the First Amendment? _____________________________________________

5. Who proposed a Bill of Rights in the closing days of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787? ______________________________________________

6. In 1789, how many amendments were submitted to the states by Congress? ______________________________________________

7. What topics were included in the proposed amendments that were not ratified?

8. How many amendments have been added to the Constitution as of Dec. 15, 1994?

9. Name the 3 states existing in 1789-1791 that did not ratify the Bill of Rights before they went into effect:

10. How many states were required to ratify the Bill of Rights?

11. Which state was the first to ratify the Bill of Rights? ______________________________________________

12. Where would you go to see an original copy of the Bill of Rights? (Bonus:  How many original copies were prepared?) ______________________________________________