Do You Know Your Constitution & Bill of Rights?

1. Who is the President of the United States?______________

2. Who is the Governor of Michigan?_____________________

3/4. Name the two U.S. Senators from Michigan:
_____________ and ______________

5. How many members of Congress are  in the U.S. House of Representatives? _______________

6. Name the 3 branches of the U.S. government: ___________________________

7. What is the United States Constitution?(brief)_____________

8. How many articles are in the Constitution? ______________

9. What happened on September 17, 1787? _______________

10. Who really wrote the Constitution?______________

11. Which state, of the original 13, did not attend?__________

12. How many names are on the Constitution?_____________

13. Name the delegate who had his name signed by another delegate:______________

14. What is the Bill of Rights?(brief)_______________________

15. Which 3 of the original 13 states did not ratify the Bill of Rights before they took effect on December 15, 1791? ______________________________________

16. Who was the “Father of the Bill of Rights”? _____________

17. What are the 5 basic freedoms cited in the First Amendment? _______________________________

18. In 1789, how many amendments were submitted to the states by Congress? _______________

19. How many amendments have been added to the Constitution as of February 16, 1995? ___________

20. Where would you go to see an original copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? ___________


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