Michigan Week

The Michigan Week Quiz

1. What are the dates for Michigan Week this year? ____________________________________

2. Who was President when Michigan became a state? ____________________________________

3. Name Michigan’s first Governor: _______________Where is he buried?______________

4. During what years was Michigan under British control? ____________________________________

5. Name the oldest city in Michigan & tell the year it was founded: ____________________________________

6. In what year did the capital move from Detroit to Lansing? ____________________________________

7. Who was Michigan’s first Superintendent of Public Instruction? ____________________________________

8. How many stars were on the U.S. flag once Michigan became a state? ____________________________________

9. What land area did Michigan gain when it gave up its claim to Toledo? ____________________________________

10. In what year were Michigan’s two peninsulas connected by a bridge? ____________________________________

11. Name the only Michigan resident who became U.S. President: ____________________________________

12. When was Fort Pontchantrain surrendered by the French? to whom? ____________________________________

13. How many casualties were there in the Toledo War? ____________________________________

14, Name the first land grant college in the nation: _______________________________

15. What was the original name of The University of Michigan? _____________________

16. Name the Michigan Governor (1813-1831) who designed the emblem in the center of the state flag:  _______________________

17. Who was the first European explorer to visit Michigan? ________________________

18. Name the “City of Four Flags” and identify the four flags: _______________________

19. Who was the most famous basketball player to come from Michigan?_____________


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