– Answer Key

Answer Key to The Michigan Week Quiz

1. What are the dates for Michigan Week this year?
Answer will vary

2. Who was President when Michigan became a state?
Andrew Jackson

3. Name Michigan’s first Governor: Stephens T. Mason Where is he buried? Detroit_

4. During what years was Michigan under British control?       

5. Name the oldest city in Michigan & tell the year it was founded:
Sault Ste. Marie (1668)

6. In what year did the capital move from Detroit to Lansing?

7. Who was Michigan’s first Superintendent of Public Instruction?
John D. Pierce

8. How many stars were on the U.S. flag once Michigan became a state?

9. What land area did Michigan gain when it gave up its claim to Toledo?
Western end of U.P.

10. In what year were Michigan’s two peninsulas connected by a bridge?

11. Name the only Michigan resident who became U.S. President:
Gerald R. Ford

12.When was Fort Pontchantrain surrendered by the French? to whom?
1760-British( Rogers)

13. How many casualties were there in the Toledo War?

14, Name the first land grant college in the nation:
Michigan State University

15. What was the original name of The University of Michigan?

16. Name the Michigan Governor (1813-1831) who designed the emblem in the center of the state flag:
Lewis Cass

17. Who was the first European explorer to visit Michigan?
Etienne Brule

18. Name the “City of Four Flags” and identify the four flags:
Niles (Spanish; French; British; US)

19.Who was the most famous basketball player to come from Michigan?
Earvin “Magic” Johnson