Presidents Day #2

February is Presidents’ Month Quiz Two (This quiz is “more challenging” than Quiz One.)

1. Name the President who wrote the Constitution: _________________________________

2. Name the President who developed the Fourteen Points: __________________________

3. Name the only President buried in Washington, D.C. _______________________________

4. Name the President whose nickname was “Old Kinderhook.” _______________________

5. Who was the first President of the fifty states? _____________________________________

6. Name the three consecutive Presidents born in Ohio: ______________________________

7. Name the President whose birthplace is now displayed on the Mercerburg Academy campus: __________________________

8. Name the President made famous at a battle fought two weeks after the war had ended:
__________________________Name the war: __________________________

9. Name the President with the most children: ______________________
How many?______

10. Name the President whose slogan was “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too.” _________________

11. Name the President who sent the Lewis & Clark Expedition into the Louisiana Territory:

12. Name the President who was a peanut farmer: __________________________________

13. Name the President who wrote the Declaration of Independence: ____________________

14. Besides the obvious John and John Quincy Adams, name the other two Presidents who are buried within thirty feet of each other: ________________________
Where are they buried? _____________________

15. How many Presidents were born west of the Mississippi River? _________
Please name them, with their state of birth: _____________________________________________________________________

16. Who was President during Operation Desert Storm? ______________________________

17. Name the only President who served as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court:

18. Name the President whose birthplace is closest to Detroit MI: ______________________


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