– Answer Key

ANSWERS FOR: Can I win a Turkey with this quiz? No, but you might learn a little about Thanksgiving.

1. Who was elected to 4 terms as President?
Franklin D. Roosevelt

2. Name the only President born on the West Coast:
Richard M. Nixon

3. Name the only President who did not live in the White House:
George Washington
4. Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?
Ulysses S. Grant

5. Who was President when the British burned the White House?
James Madison

6. Who was the tallest President?
Abraham Lincoln

7. Name the two Presidents who have homes still standing in Michigan:
Grant & Ford

8. Who was the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms?
Grover Cleveland

9. Which President served the shortest term?
William Henry Harrison

10. Name the youngest President
Theodore Roosevelt

11. Name the oldest President
Ronald Reagan

12. Name the only President who never married
James Buchanan

13. Who were the only two Presidents to be impeached?
Andrew Johnson & William Clinton

14. Name the first President inaugurated in Washington, D.C
Thomas Jefferson

15. Who was the first President elected to Congress after finishing his presidential term?
John Quincy Adams

16.Name the only person who was President who was not elected to either the Presidency or the Vice Presidency:
Gerald Ford

17. Which President was the son of another President?
John Quincy Adams

18. Which President was the grandfather of another President?
William Henry Harrison

19. Name the first President who studied at West Point:
Ulysses S. Grant

20. Which state was the birthplace of the most Presidents?Virginia
How many?8
Name them:George Washington; Thomas Jefferson; James Madison;
James Monroe; William Henry Harrison; John Tyler; Zachary Taylor;
Woodrow Wilson